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Libraries are gateways to knowledge and culture
We provide an excellent library for the interest of students, faculties and research scholars for accessing information and resources that support the courses of study offered at the college. The library occupies the space of pride and is an essential component of the institute’s outstanding mission in generating highly qualified students.

We are committed to organize and maintain a collection of the highest quality information and resources, whether print or electronic so thereby we can encourage students to study.Over 5000 volumes are available besides reference books. Newspapers, National and International Journals are placed to the students to know about latest developments in the world. Students are permitted to take different bools to their home for preparation.


To be successful in the workplace students must have practical experience, because no amount of books and theories can truly prepare them for the kinds of challenges and surprises they will face on the job or in the laboratory.
We are committed to provide students with the best practical experience they need to succeed in their career. At our campus all of our laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

Following are the list laboratories

  • Computer Laboratories
  • Physics Laboratories
  • Electronics Laboratories
  • Chemistry Laboratories

Computer Center to Enable the Students

Computer center provides great opportunities to improve the quality of education. New ways of teaching and learning, better access to a much wider range of information and resources, new skills for the digital age: all these can transform lives, helping to achieve education for all.

It opens doorways to a wealth of information, knowledge, and educational resources, increasing opportunities for learning in and beyond the classroom. Teachers use online materials to prepare lessons, and students use them to extend their range of learning. Interactive teaching methods, supported by the Internet, enable teachers to give more attention to individual students’ needs and support shared learning.


Candidates belonging to SC/ST/BC/EBC can apply for Govt. Scholarships according to rules prescribed from time to time. Such candidates have to apply in the prescribed application form which will be duly forwarded by the Principal to the authorities concerned, for necessary action.